Acedeck is pioneering the eskate industry with more CNC parts to build production boards than any brands on the market. Precision CNC produce much more accurate, durable and consistently performing components but comes with higher cost. Only the highest quality of materials and techniques will be used to produce our boards, as well as the most advanced battery, the highest motor power and the most accurate engineering technology.

Smart Controls and Power

Controllers, motors and batteries only make it onto our products if they pass our strict quality criteria. The result is an optimized experience. Riders know their electronic input will be converted faithfully into the desired movement, whether that’s a quick power surge or a smooth acceleration.

Crafted by eSkaters for eSkaters

We’re eSkaters ourselves, so we understand that the sport’s technical expectations are matched only by the aesthetics and the sense of freedom that the board brings. We can ensure component longevity and a smooth, stable and predictable ride that puts the rider in control, with 100% confidence. Once you’ve ridden an Acedeck eSkateboard, you’ll get it.